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Septic installation

Perco-Design Group offers reliable septic installation service that complies with standards: expertise in residential septic systems, percolation testing and ecological solutions for wastewater treatment.

Pricing and environmental services

Percolation tests and septic plans:

  • 1 percolation test $1150.00 (+taxes)

Save $50 for each additional brew trial.

Monitoring and reporting of septic systems:

  • Septic installation monitoring and compliance report $850.00 (+taxes)
  • Pre-purchase inspection of a septic installation $650.00 (+taxes)

Inspection of existing septic installations:

  • Smoke test (Smoke) $350.00 (+taxes)
  • Dye test with 2nd visit (24 to 48 hours) $350.00 (+taxes)
  • Dye test & smoke test (Smoke) $600.00 (+taxes)
  • Dye & Smoke, + surveys and plumbing verification $650.00 (+taxes)

Legal expertise by a technologist : $100.00/h (+taxes)

Building and architecture

Consulting service

Take advantage of our consultation service with a professional technologist for all your building and architectural needs.

  • Field visit
  • Installation advice (position, height, angle)
  • Choice of materials and construction method
  • Various advice for your building
  • Site inspection
  • Project management
  • Permit application
  • Request for quotes
  • Etc.

Septic installation options

Septic tank

Septic tank

Primary treatment

The septic tank, available in concrete or plastic, is a tank designed to treat wastewater by retaining solids and grease for approximately 24 hours.

Its role is to prepare the water for subsequent purification by infiltration into the ground of the purifying element, separating the effluent from suspended matter.

Components of the septic tank

  • Chimney
  • Pre-filter
  • Pumping station

Secondary treatment

There are many options for the 2nd stage of treatment. Among other things, we can have, if the soil conditions permit, a drainage field. Here are the different field types.

  • The classic purifying element
  • The modified purifier element
  • The absorbent well
  • The above-ground sand filter
  • The classic sand filter
  • The dry pit cabinet
  • The periodic emptying installation
  • The biological facility
  • Total emptying (sealed pit)

Advanced secondary treatment system

Discover our advanced secondary treatment system, offering key benefits for efficient wastewater treatment:

Improved effluent quality
Superior quality to primary and secondary treatment systems.

Increased elimination
Reduction of suspended solids (MES) and reduction of carbon pollution (BOD5C).

Reduced post-processing requirements
The system represents fewer constraints for the following steps.

Various effluent management options
Adaptability to a polishing field, a tertiary system, or environmentally friendly discharge.

Tertiary treatment systems

Our tertiary treatment system offers a complete and advanced solution for wastewater management:

Versatility of treatment
Suitable for wastewater, gray water or lavatory water.

Works as a complementary treatment to primary, secondary, conventional sand filters or advanced secondary systems.

Compliance with high standards
Meets strict standards for advanced secondary level effluent.

Includes additional standards for total phosphorus and fecal coliforms.

Specific use
Ideal when infiltration or dilution in a watercourse is not possible.

System with UV lamp

Our UV lamp treatment system has specific conditions of use:

Installation restriction
Installation of systems with UV disinfection generally prohibited.

Permitted if the municipality concerned ensures maintenance, in accordance with section 25.1 of the Municipal Powers Act.

Regional limitation
Little accepted in Estrie, especially because of the proximity of lakes and restrictions linked to watersheds.

Authorization in certain cases
Possible in some municipalities, particularly in areas outside lake watersheds, such as near the St-François River.

FDi Disinfection Filter

  • Allows discharge into the ditch, unless it opens into a lake watershed.
  • Suitable for all types of soil, including clay, such as near the St-François River.
  • Waterproof system, ideal for conditions where infiltration is not viable.
  • In the event of discharge into a lake watershed, need to add a phosphorus removal and disinfection unit, increasing the cost (more than $30,000) with annual maintenance costs.

Lampe UV

The lamp is compact and does not alter the landscape.

Regional restrictions
It is rarely permitted in Estrie. Accepted only in certain municipalities under conditions of municipal maintenance and billing to the customer via property taxes.


Bionest also offers a UV lamp that can be integrated into its 2nd tank, the biological reactor.


Hydro-Kinetic also offers a UV lamp.

Waterloo biofilter

The Waterloo Biofilter is offered with a UV lamp. The biofilter is outside the ground, a bit like a small shed.

Take note

There are other subtleties in the systems for particular applications. Our experts will be able to advise you on the best system for your needs.

Some systems were created but ceased to be manufactured. Bio-B, Ecobox, Purifying Reed, etc.

Let's discuss your project